Outlined below you will find the different steps we take to complete your video.

STEP 1: Brainstorming

Any video process has to start off with a thorough brainstorming session. This is where we think of a video marketing strategy, choose the format and length that is best suited for your goals and look at some examples of videos that have managed to break through the noise. In this phase it helps to ask tough questions that are easily forgotten once we start with the production of the video.

STEP 2: Scripting

After having spent some time gathering ideas and concepts, we put ideas on paper in a script and clearly outline a) the action that occurs in the video and b) the words that will be heard or shown during the video. A storyboard makes all ideas come together in a canvas that illustrates the main scenes of the video with simplified characters and wireframes. This will serve as a roadmap for the next steps.


At this stage, we turn ideas into pictures and pick out colors, fonts, characters to suit your graphic charter or the rest of your marketing materials. This culminates in the creation of 3 style frames that give you a visual snapshot of the final look of the video. After making sure that we have previously agreed in step 2 on the action that takes place we now define the style and look that we are going for in step 3.

STEP 4: Voiceover

One of the most recognizable things about an explainer video is the voiceover. However great the video may be, it takes a great voice to make the video come alive. This is why we work in partnership with Offstimme to provide high-quality voiceovers tailored to your country and target audience. Below is a list of sample voiceovers that you can choose from in English, French, German, Dutch etc.


This is where the magic happens and static images turn into slick animations. Whether in 2D or 3D, this is where everything comes together. After each third of the length of the video, you have the opportunity to add corrections or request changes. We only move forward if you have approved of the progress thus far.

STEP 6: Sound effects

Finally, to top it all off, we add sound effects such a whooshes, swoops, pops or dings to give the video that final touch of realism. At this point, we also export the different audio versions that you have opted for (e.g. French and English version) and export all the formats that you require.

STEP 7: Growth

Wow, there it is - your final video! Let’s make sure the right people see it when looking for your product or service. Therefore, we use paid ads on different channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Google. Together with our advertising-partner performery, we set up the campaigns, monitor and optimize them.
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