To get to the final result you desired, we use multiple corrections to align our creative endeavors with your business goals

Mister Motion - Brainstorming

Brainstorming & Moodboard

We kick off the production process with a brainstorming session. This is a great opportunity to exchange ideas before before we propose a tailored solution to suit your needs and user's viewing behaviors. To make sure we are on the same page, this session is followed up by the drafting and discussion of a moodboard, a collage of different shapes, vectors, colors, characters and songs that convey the mood we're going for.

Script & Storyboard

Once you have approved the overall design and tone of the video in the moodboard, we go to our creative caves and return with a storyboard. This storyboard illustrates each scene by describing a) the action in the scene, b) the voiceover text that is going to heard in that scene and c) a wireframe drawing of the elements that appear on screen during that scene. You get a chance to suggest changes to scenes or to the wording before we move on.
Mister Motion - Scripting

StyleFRAMES & Design

After you have approved of the storyboard in the previous phase, you get to choose 3 key scenes that you would like to see illustrated in the final look of the video. These 3 images are called styleframes. This stage makes sure that we are visually on the same page and we can move on to the animation.
Mister Motion - Design


Before we get to animate, there is one more step: Finding the perfect voice for the project. This is why we work in partnership with our partner Offstimme to provide you with a choice of 3 high-quality voiceovers tailored to your target audience. Below are some examples to choose from: English, French, German, Dutch etc.


This is where the magic happens. Behind the scenes characters, illustrations come to life and are bound by seamless transitions. After the first half is done, you have the opportunity to add comments or request changes. We only move forward if you have approved of the progress thus far. You then get the same opportunity to suggest changes after the full video is done.

Sound effects

We add subtle sound effects such a whooshes, swoops, pops or dings to give your video that extra layer of depth. At this point, we also export the different audio versions that you have opted for (e.g. French, German and English versions) and add the subtitles to the videos.

Ready to Publish

Finally your motion design piece or explainer video is done. After you sign it off, we export the different formats and prepare your videos for social media (e.g. 16:9 ; 1:1 ; 9;16). At this point, we can also help in setting up social media accounts and making sure your videos use their full potential