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Motion Design | Explainer Videos | 2D & 3D Animation  


Motion Reel 2019

Here is a compilation of my most recent work for the year 2019. Looking for the full video? Find more details about the whole projects in the section above.

What clients say about me

Here is a selection of some of these customers who had something to say about our collaboration.


Not all videos are created equal

Videos come in all shapes and sizes. That's why I have outlined 3 indicative packages below that help you narrow down what you are looking for. 


I'm a freelance motion designer and combine my understanding of economics & business with my expertise in creative direction. I take pleasure in knowing how your business elevates and gets more reach, more leads and how that translates into more conversions.

When it comes to motion design, I certainly think that less is more. Viewers don't like big words or over-complicated terms. It's too late for that. They have had their mailboxes spammed by enough newsletters and have seen enough sales pitches in the 5 second ad window on YouTube. People's attention spans have shortened and very few videos actually manage to keep the viewer hooked until the end of the video. Businesses, educators and individuals alike compete for people's attention.


That's why quality matters more than ever.  Every second is precious and that's how I treat every new video. Since decision makers are flooded with information, it's crucial to get to the point and say something valuable. That's why the only video you can get from Mister Motion are hand-crafted and unique.



Contact Me

david@mistermotion.net |  +352 621 562 644